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    104 lbs
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    36D - 26 - 38
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    Tantric, Asian massage, DFK, GFE, Handjob, Korean massage, much more ......

“One of the things I love about being an actress is that it gives me the opportunity to try on other roles,” Freya says. “I love being able to be different people. I think everybody needs to have some variety in their lives. They say that variety is the spice of life, and they’re absolutely correct. We get bored if we just do the same thing all the time. Even if you ate your favorite food every day, you’d get tired of it eventually. It would no longer be your favorite. The same is true of relationships, I think. People want to have fun. They want to be close to someone. So they settle down because society tells us that’s what we’re supposed to do. But you do that, and then what? Suddenly it’s like you’ve closed the door on having fun. You’re just resigning yourself to being unhappy. I don’t think that’s any way to live. It’s not how I intend to live my life. I think we were all built for something more, something better.”

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New York Asian Luxury Escorts
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 7 reviews
 by Anonymous

The model was exactly as described. The service was also on time and as stated. We will use this service and highly recommend it. The girl is only a few years old and has excellent measurements.

 by Anonymous

Freya is an amazing body crazy. I was forced to pinch myself to convince myself that it was true. However, it was, and I was happier for it. When I arrived in New York City for my job, this hot and sexually attractive Asian girl escort had curves I couldn't keep my eyes away from. However, this wasn't all! She was so charming and brought me so much joy, and I don't think I'm even thinking about NYC without thinking about her curves!

 by Anonymous

This escort named Freya believe in something related to.my belief plus her beauty is magical and corrosive. I love the way she carries her heavy thick butt.

 by Anonymous

I took me several hours to eat these magical and protuding nipples. She screams and moan in my ears. This escort is too hot. She is loaded and has everything every man needs

 by Anonymous

She is a professional Asian escort you will love to be with. Every time spend with this doll is memorable. I cant butress more on thos but she is damn got, sexy, and sexually attractive

 by Anonymous

If i had a million dollar, i would have spent on this angel. Ahe lools so gorgeous and her shapes is out of this world. I'm happy for my experience with this escort goddess

 by Anonymous

Beautiful beautiful beautiful. Nothing more than having a nice time with this escort.Her beauty is magical wirh a good personality.

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